After leaving formal education, he spent 5 years in senior sales and marketing positions with large FMCG companies before leaving the UK for employment as regional development manager for the Middle East with a niche market telecommunications company (a DHL Subsidiary), pioneering the communication revolution in x400 and x25 packet switching communications in the Region. After establishing the business as one of the most profitable divisions of the group, he came back to the UK and became a founder of and key seed fund raiser for Ceravision Ltd, a world leader in the development of High Efficiency Plasma Lighting. He then went on to become a founding shareholder and director of Emdextrade Plc, a company formed to provide a web-based trading platform for buyers and sellers of trade receivables. Emdextrade was successfully launched on the London AIM market in 2001.



Operational Director: Stephen Wiggans

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